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7 Chakra Keychains

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7 Chakra Keychains
7 Chakra Keychains
7 Chakra Keychains
7 Chakra Keychains

These keychains/ bag charms are handmade to help balance and align your Chakras. Perfect for yogis

Chakras, which means ‘wheel’, are the energy centers that correspond to different parts of our body in which energy flows through. Each Chakra reflects a type of vibration frequency that radiates through our bodies.

*Root Chakra - 1st Chakra - Red - Located at base of spine/ tailbone / genitals 
Grounding, stability, survival, courage, security, individuality

*Sacral Chakra - 2nd Chakra - Orange - Located in the lower abdomen 
Well-being, pleasure, desire, balance, protection, healing, creativity

*Solar Plexus Chakra - 3rd Chakra - Yellow - Located in upper abdomen, above your navel 
Ambition, self-esteem, intellect, confidence, emotional life, laughter, joy

*Heart Chakra - 4th Chakra - Green - Located in center of chest
Love, compassion, peace, emotional balance, renewal, growth

*Throat Chakra - 5th Chakra - Light Blue - Located in the throat
Communication, judgement, self-expression, purification, truth

*Third Eye Chakra - 6th Chakra - Indigo - Located in the middle of forehead slightly above eye level 
Spirituality, intuition, wisdom, psychic power, imagination, strength, clarity

*Crown Chakra - 7th Chakra - Purple/Violet - Located at top of your head 
Information, focus, understanding, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, calming

When the Chakras are blocked, from stress, illness or emotional distress, it is likely then problems will occur. The body’s energy and aura is out of balance causing discomfort physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Just like a battery you need to recharge to get your mind and body back into alignment.

Made with silver or gold steel wire for strength and durability and accompanied by either an elephant (wisdom), hamsa hand (protection), lotus (divination), Buddha (enlightenment) or ohm (consciousness) charms.

Every keychain is smudged with sage and handcrafted with love ❤️

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