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Aura Cleansing Bundle

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Aura Cleansing Bundle

Aura in need of a boost? Cleanse and release negative energy with this Aura Cleansing Bundle. 
Cleansing your aura relaxes you so your spirit is peaceful and stress free. Remove negative energy from yourself, your home and/or business, as well as getting rid of any low vibrational energies and entities.

Bundle includes:

- Incense

- Kunzite Crystal chips

- Rainbow Moonstone Crystal chips

- Incense Holder

- Balance or Meditation Incense

~ Natural, hand rolled incense made with high quality oils and herbs.

~ Kunzite is a high vibration stone. Aligns heart chakra with throat and third eye chakra. Helps those who find meditation challenging. Clears negative energy and entities and provides a protective shield around the aura.

~ Rainbow Moonstone helps align all chakras. Carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing, helps open your spiritual gifts, allowing you to see the unseen. 


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