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Because I’m Happy Sage Wand

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Because I’m Happy Sage Wand
Because I’m Happy Sage Wand

 Because I'm Happy floral sage wand promotes happiness, helps relieve stress and depression and brings forth joy, courage, self confidence, clarity, personal power and fulfillment. 

Sunshine Aura Quartz point brings the power of the sun into your life. It is a powerful healing stone that recharges your spirituality, opens your Third Eye chakra and helps bring wisdom and clarity. 

Each wand is handmade with white sage,  yellow roses and cotton thread.

Wands are photographed fresh. Petals will lose some color once dried.

Smudging with floral sage sticks cleanses negative energies, attracts positivity and light, promotes emotional balance and centering. 

Smudging is an ancient practice of spiritual cleansing. Meant to remove negative energy and bring in peace and clarity. It is antimicrobial and is known to cleanse and purify 94% of bacteria in the air. Smudging is a way to invite higher spiritual vibrations into your sacred space of healing and meditation. Smudging can be used to cleanse your space, home, crystals, yourself or any other person.

TO USE: Open your windows and/or door to allow the negative energy to exit. Light your sage til it creates a light ember. Say a prayer or blessing and invite your ancestors, spirit guides or speak to the universe asking your divine helpers to assist you in purifying the energy of your space. Smudge yourself and then walk around your space fanning the smoke around. Keep your intentions set in your mind. 

Sage will usually go out on its own but if not and you're done, smudge out in an abalone shell or white plate.