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Bubble Bars

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Bubble Bars
Bubble Bars

Want bubbles?! Ready to be pampered?! These fun and fragrant bars for adults and kids will leave heaps of bubbles in your bath. Moms can enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bubble bath and kids will definitely want to stay and play in the tub. Deliciously scented and infused with Cocoa Butter and Grapeseed Oil to nourish skin.


A bubble bar is bubble bath in solid form. Eco and environmentally friendly. No more bottles to throw out!

Each bar can be broken into 3- 4 pieces and saved for later use. Package contains 3 bars. That’s NINE - TWELVE bubble baths!

TO USE: Crumble a piece under hot running water for super awesome bubbles. Hot water works best. Adjust temperature as necessary after you have finished crumbling bar. Agitate water as tub fills up to produce even more fluffy bubbles. You can also put a piece of bar in a muslin or mesh bag, tie to tub faucet and set it under running water. DO NOT just drop bar in tub or you will not get the full bubbling effect. Keep in a dry place in between uses.

Made with all natural ingredients.

**Nut Allergy Safe