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Goddess of Love Spiritual Bath Soak

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Goddess of Love Spiritual Bath Soak

The greatest love you can have is for yourself.

Goddess of Love Spiritual Bath Soak contains herbs and botanicals that rejuvenate, renew, promotes positivity, enhances skin and mood and attracts love in all forms, awakening the Goddess within.

~ Rose buds enhances mood, soothes skin, help remove dark spots and blemishes 

~ Jasmine attracts love and prosperity 

~ Damiana attracts love and enhances sexual energy

~ Lavender relaxes, attracts love, passion and romance 

Infused and charged with Rose Quartz.

TO USE: Clean tub and take a shower. Smudge bathroom. Fill tub with hot water and add 3 - 4 scoops of soak. Light candles, set your intentions and soak for 30 minutes. Envision love in abundance coming to you.


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