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Love Yo Self Rose Quartz Water Bottle

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Love Yo Self Rose Quartz Water Bottle
Love Yo Self Rose Quartz Water Bottle

❤️Love Yo Self❤️

This water bottle is infused with Rose Quartz, which helps open up your heart chakra.
Adding crystals to your water charges your body and helps open up any blockages, boosts health, healing and spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz is known to bring more romance, self-confidence, self love, happiness and assist in  healing negative energy and past emotional traumas. It helps to restore trust and harmony in all relationships, family, romantic and platonic. It will raise your vibration, promoting positive feelings, peace and calmness. 
Rose Quartz balances and strengthens the heart and circulatory system, releases impurities from the body, assists in healing the lungs and kidneys.

Each bottle is charged under a full moon and/or sunlight with love, light and positive intentions.

💖Drink lots of love, so your pores ooze💖

**Feel free to clean and add your own intentions upon arrival. You can never have enough positive energy.

17 oz


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