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Selenite Moon Bowl - Reiki Charging Bowl

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Selenite Moon Bowl - Reiki Charging Bowl

This listing is for ONE (1) Selenite Moon Bowl - Reiki Charging Bowl

Moon - 3” x 4” x 1”

Selenite vibrates at a very high frequency and helps elevate spirit, access your intuition, clears blocked energy and promotes peace and calm.

Selenite is also used to charge and cleanse other crystals.

This heart bowl is perfect for charging a few crystals at a time, enhancing your crystals manifestation powers.

Selenite is a soft stone, so use care when using or placing objects inside. Keep Dry.

Although Selenite has a high vibration, you can cleanse it using the following methods:

~ Place your selenite in the moonlight overnight.

~ Use a smudge stick and pass it through the smoke.

~ Place in the sunlight, no more than 30 minutes.

~ Place in a bowl of dry salt.

Like all crystals, you must activate your selenite with your energy. Place in your hand and repeat an affirmation about what you want to manifest.

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