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Sensual Massage Oil

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Specially made to awaken sexual energy. Infused with oils, herbs and crystals that bring forth love and romance. 
Perfect for any date night. This oil helps you and your partner relax and arouse your sensual side. Nothing like a romantic massage to bring the spark back into the bedroom. Deliciously scented with chocolate and rose. 

~ Carnelian grounds you in the moment. A stabilizing stone with high energy.

~ Rose Quartz promotes love and peace. Opens up the heart chakra.

~ Fire Agate stimulates the root chakra.

~ Pink Tourmaline attracts love.

HOW TO USE: Set the mood with music and candles, rose petals and wine. Rub some oil between your hands to warm it a little and give your partner a massage. Enjoy ❤️

8 oz

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