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Vibe High Aura Spray

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Vibe High Aura Spray

This magical mist is infused with crystals and spiritual waters designed to clear negative energies, uplift your spirits and bring forth positive vibes and purification.

Can be used to cleanse yourself and your space (room, linens). 

  • Blessed and cleansed under the full moon 
  • Made with love and positive intentions for your highest good
  • Enhances mood, grounds and centers you 

~ Citrine balances emotions, releases negative traits and fears, activates positive energy, healing, helps with manifestation and happiness 

~ Clear Quartz, known as the ‘master healer’, will amplify energy and any stone it touches. Helps activate your chakras, especially third eye and crown chakras,  protects against negative energy, removes blockages to see things more clearly and aids in concentration.

~ Sage improves mood, purifies the air, promotes healing

~ Rose water enhances mood


I now cleanse my space of all negative energies. 
I release myself from all burdens and blockages. 
I send back any energy that isn’t mine and no longer serves me. 
I am open to the love and light of the Universe. 
I am restored and replenished once again.


TO USE: Set your intentions, invite your guides, ancestors or speak to the Universe and shake and spritz mist on body starting at top of head and/or spray home, space or car for positive energy refresh. Great for cleansing your space before and after rituals and meditation. 

2 oz.




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