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Vibe High Aura Spray

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Infused with crystals and spiritual waters designed to clear negative energies, uplift your spirits and bring forth positive vibes and purification.

Can be used to cleanse yourself and your space.

  • Blessed and cleansed under the full moon 
  • Made with love and positive intentions for your highest good
  • Enhances mood and uplifts spirit 

~ Citrine balances emotions, releases negative traits and fears, activates positive energy, healing, helps with manifestation and happiness 

~ Clear Quartz protects against negative energy, balances and aligns chakras

~ Sage improves mood, purifies the air, promotes healing

~ Rose water enhances mood


I now cleanse my space of all negative energies. 
I release myself from all burdens and blockages. 
I send back any energy that isn’t mine and no longer serves me. 
I am open to the love and light of the Universe. 
I am restored and replenished once again.


TO USE: Shake and spritz mist on body starting at top of head and/or spray home, space or car for positive energy refresh. Great for cleansing your space before and after rituals and meditation. 

2 oz.




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